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www.infogeo.de | 26.09.2018

Borehole locations in Germany

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The national Geological Surveys (SGD) of the Federal Republic of Germany are responsible for data storage, processing and transmission of information on regional drillings. Each drilling has to be notified to the respective Geological Survey as required by the "Lagerstättengesetz" (deposit law). The web portal “Borehole viewer of Germany” was created to give an overview of all borehole data available in Germany. For every drilling the portal contains header data making possible the research for boreholes everywhere in Germany. A contact-form offers the possibility to order borehole data of selected drillings from the competent authorities.

  • A) The information offered on the Borehole viewer of Germany is subject to the following restrictions: 
    • 1. Each federal state publishes a specific subset of approved borehole data.
    • 2. Detailed data such as information about strata, installation and casing may be confidential.
    • 3. All borehole data are offered in a generalized and simplified form based on the borehole data exchange format called BoreholeML.

  • B) Only the competent Geological Survey of the federal state may provide detailed information in particular concerning confidential borehole data. (see points of contact)

  • C) The service is continuously improved and rolled out to other federal states of Germany. Each Geological Survey is updating its drilling information in different intervals.

The restrictions result from specific regional regulatory frame works as well as from the use of the BoreholeML exchange format. The federal states operate with individual data formats which can be exchanged and used interorable only due to BoreholeML. The German borehole map is an example for a joint application made possible by the conversion of different source data into the common BoreholeML exchange format.

Contact person 
Head of the "BIS-Steuerungsgruppe (2006)"
Dr. Jens Richter
Saxon State Agency for Environment, Agriculture and Geology
Department 101 – Geoarchives, Geoinformation, Collection
Halsbrücker Str. 31a
D-09599 Freiberg
Postal address: Pillnitzer Platz 3, 01326 Dresden